Ceuconsult, Congo Europe Consulting, was born out of innovative ICT solutions needed in Africa.

Ceuconsult founder family have over 50 years of presence in Kinshasa (since 1970) which helped acquiring a vast network of connections and an immense knowhow of the Congolese structures and realities, that provide all the required needs from technical to administrative for setting up a successful running business that connects both D.R. Congo Kinshasa and Congo Brazza to Europe and vice versa.

Ceuconsult build the most sophisticated networks in the simplest ways offering ICT solutions for Wireless Internet Service Provider, Satellite Communication networks, last miles connectivity, hosting and Cloud services, virtual infrastructures, Server installation and maintenance, network routing and switching, optical fibre (FTTx) solutions like DWDM and GPON.

Ceuconsult is vendor agnostic and have a big experience to help you scale your virtual and physical infrastructures presenting the best solutions that fit your budget and fulfil your needs.

Ceuconsult also provide hybrid power backup solutions that suite the harshest environments especially the ones in Africa based on the immense experience acquired from developing solutions that works in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ceuconsult team speaks the major languages spoken in Africa from English, French, Portuguese to Arabic and Lingala (one of Congo’s national language).

If you can’t find the right consulting partner for your business, you’ll need to aim higher.